OzHelp Tasmania Personnel

Board Members

Phil Sidney (Chairman)

Roadways Pty Ltd

Mark Nugent

Fairbrother Group

David Fagan

Tasmanian Building Group Apprenticeship Scheme

Fred Lijauco

Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board

Todd Lambert


Jon Schwaiger

Hazell Bros


Staff Members

Clare Pearson

Executive Officer

Phone: 03 6231 0919

Email: c.pearson@ozhelptasmania.org.au

Morgan Hodge

Administration & Training Manager

Phone: 03 6231 0919

Email: m.hodge@ozhelptasmania.org.au

David Nancarrow

Workplace Support Coordinantor & Trainer

Phone: 03 6343 3122

Email: d.nancarrow@ozhelptasmania.org.au

Tracey Groombridge

Workplace Trainer

Phone: 03 6231 0919

Email: t.groombridge@ozhelptasmania.org.au


Positions Vacant

To view advertised positions or download position descriptions for advertised vacancies click here.