OzHelp Tasmania



OzHelp Tasmania was established, as a not for profit foundation, in 2007 with the aim of enhancing the resilience of apprentices and workers in the Tasmanian construction and building industry and of strengthening the support roles of industry leaders. The organisation’s approach was based on a successful program developed in Canberra and supported the vision of resilient and supported workforces where suicide is not an option.


In 2020 OzHelp Tasmania merged with and now operates as a program of Lifeline Tasmania. Under Lifeline Tasmania, the OzHelp Tasmania program continues to deliver its services to a wide range of Tasmanian workplaces; maintaining its particular connection to the building and construction industry.


Supporting other industries and workplaces

Whilst still undertaking its primary role of suicide prevention and social capacity building within the building and construction industry OzHelp Tasmania has broadened its scope due to the success of the program and requests for training and support from other industries and workplaces recognising that overall workplace mental health and wellbeing was not being fully addressed.


Activities include:

  • Providing managers with the practical skills to help look after their employees.
  • Providing employees with an introduction to mental health to enable them to look after themselves and others.
  • Providing practical skills for young apprentices and trainees to develop resilience and coping skills (especially
    during their transition from school into the workplace).
  • Support services to assist all employees manage difficulties in both their personal and professional lives.

For more information please contact the team on 1300 003 131, or ozhelp@lifelinetasmania.org.au.